With all the craziness that went on in college basketball today, it's easy to forget that it all doesn't really compare to some of the bigger, more tragic issues that are going on right now. Disorder once again broke out in Egypt as soccer fans participated in a citywide riot in Port Said after local fans were given death sentences for last year's destructive riots. The outrage stemmed from tensions between the government and Ultras, Egypt's hardcore soccer fans.

This was another sad case of cyclical violence in Egypt. Last year's riot, which which came after a match between the rivaling Al-Masry and Al-Ahly, resulted in 74 deaths and more than 1,000 people injured. Today's riot saw at least 27 killed.

In addition, some families are finding comfort in the death sentences, which are traditionally done by hangings in Egypt:

''This was necessary,'' said Nour al-Sabah, whose 17-year-old son Ahmed Zakaria died in last year's melee. ''Now I want to see the guys when they are executed with my own eyes, just as they saw the murder of my son.''

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