In case you missed it, the Baltimore Ravens thoroughly outplayed the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game last night to beat them 28-13 and advance to the Super Bowl on February 3. Despite the fact that they were eight to nine-point underdogs—and despite the fact that they had to go on the road to play the Pats in the playoffs for the second straight year—Ray Lewis & Co. shut out New England in the second half to avenge their AFC Championship Game loss to the Pats last year. So, the Ravens were understandably excited after the game and ready to celebrate their big W.

But, one Ravens player took things a little too far when he spent a few minutes after the game last night running around Gillette Stadium and shouting about how the Patriots are "arrogant fuckers." And, he didn't stop there. He also had one final dose of ether to deliver to the Pats before leaving the field.

"[We] shut them out in the second half," he yelled. "Tell them to have fun at the Pro Bowl!"

Yikes. After throwing some shots at the Pats, Suggs also told reporters that he was looking forward to hearing what one of the Ravens' biggest critics had to say this morning.

"I can't wait to hear what Skip Bayless says tomorrow because Joe [Flacco] once again, two years in a row, outplayed the great No. 12 and he showed just how 'Joe Cool' he is," Suggs said. "But he still has one more to get. We're not satisfied by any means. We're going to celebrate tonight, and tomorrow it's back to work."

The Patriots, on the other hand, will not be back to work. And, Suggs sure let 'em know about it, didn't he?

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[via ESPN Boston]