On the last play of the Ravens/Colts game on Sunday, Ray Lewis was inserted into the offense for a kneel-down so that he could be on the field for one last time during the final home game of his career. And, he punctuated the play by doing his trademark dance as the final seconds ticked off the clock. All good with you, right? After all, it was the last time he'd have an opportunity to do it in front of the Ravens fans.

It didn't sit well with at least one player on the Colts, though. That player is Reggie Wayne, who just came out and said that he thought Lewis doing the dance was a sign of disrespect for Indianapolis.

"I saw it as disrespectful," he said. "They'd already had a tribute every quarter."

We could go either way on this one. On the one hand, Lewis did do his dance at the beginning of the game, which should have been enough for the home fans. But, it's also not like Lewis did it at the end of the game to show up the Colts or anything. He did it for the fans. So, it's hard to hate on him for doing it.

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[via Larry Brown Sports]