Five years ago, Sean Taylor was murdered at his home in Palmetto Bay, Fla. after five men kicked in his door to rob the place. They found Taylor sleeping in one of the home's four bedrooms and shot him in the right leg, and he died a short time later. And, since that time, none of the five men have spoken publicly about the incident. Until now.

Recently, Venjah Hunte—who didn't kill Taylor himself but was believed to be the getaway driver for the five men—wrote a letter from jail in which he apologized to Taylor's family for killing him. Of the five men involved in Taylor's murder, he's the only one currently serving a jail sentence because the other four men haven't been tried for the murder yet due to a series of legal delays.

"To begin I would like to send my deepest apology to the family of Sean Taylor," the 25-year-old Hunte wrote in a letter that reportedly filled two and a half pages of notebook paper. "I know an apology won't bring him back, but I hope one day they could find it in their hearts to forgive me…My thoughts or intentions weren't to hurt him or noone [sic] else, let alone murder, it was something I thought would never happen. Even though I didn't pull the trigger I still have to take responsibility for my actions. Period."

Although he accepted a plea bargain deal back in 2008 by pleading guilty to second-degree murder and burglary while armed, Hunte still has about 25 years remaining on his current sentence. The trial date for the other defendants is April 15, 2013.

R.I.P. to Sean Taylor.

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