LeBron James isn't happy about the fact that the Sacramento Kings were just sold to a group that plans on moving the franchise to Seattle. But, in fairness to both Sacramento and Seattle, Bron-Bron's unhappiness doesn't really have a whole lot to do with the relocation of the Kings. He's actually upset because the NBA just went through a lockout about a year ago. And, he doesn't understand how the owners of NBA aren't making any money, as they claimed during the lockout, but are able to sell a small-market team for more than $500 million. Here's the series of tweets he sent out shortly after the Kings deal was announced:

Then again, King James also tweeted out this bizarre photo of him sitting in the dentist's chair this morning wearing a pair of Beats headphones.

So, maybe a toothache was just making him cranky last night. *shrugs*

[via Ball Don't Lie]