Statistically, Kobe Bryant just enjoyed one of the most successful months of his entire career. Although the Lakers struggled at times, he averaged 33.79 points, 5.57 rebounds, and 4.64 assists in December, which were all cumulative career highs for him in a single month. So, you have to wonder: What in the world is Kobe doing to put up such great numbers at this point in his career?

Well, the cynic in us says, "Hogging Shooting the ball more often in order to fill up the stat sheet." But, in reality, Kobe has a very simple explanation for why he's playing so well right now—he's changed his diet, cut out things like Sour Patch Kids and pepperoni pizzas, and taken better care of his body over the course of the last six months or so.

"It's been really tough for me to go see a movie and not have Sour Patch Kids," he revealed recently. "I would get popcorn, Sour Patch Kids, a soda. I just can't do it. I might have a little bit of popcorn with a bottle of water."

And, it's clearly worked. It almost makes you want to put down that pizza and go hit the gym right now, doesn't it? Eh, okay. Maybe after the Rose Bowl...

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[via Los Angeles Times]