J.R. Smith has a lot of tattoos. And, when we say a lot, we mean a lot. At this point, he's pretty much run out of places to put them. So, recently, The New York Times caught up with the Knicks guard to talk about all his tats. And, he had some interesting revelations.

For instance, he admitted that, when he walks into a tattoo parlor to get inked up, he doesn't actually know what he's going to get until he gets there. He also revealed that, sometimes, he likes to hang out at tattoo parlors simply to see what other people are getting put onto their bodies. And, most interestingly, Smith said that he didn't even used to like tattoos.

"I actually hated tattoos," he said. "I told myself I would never get like this."

Oops. Peep some of Smith's tats in the thumbs gallery. And, if you want to hear him talk more about them and see some more flicks, check out the Q&A he did with the NYT over here. Can you imagine what J.R. is gonna look like when he's 70? Yikes.

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[via NYT]