We learned two things about Jay Sean today. 1. He's had a life-long dream of owning a Lamborghini. 2. He owns an Ellen DeGeneres mug (don't hate, that woman is funny as hell). He posted on Instagram some pictures of a white Gallardo and had this to say about the purchase: 

"I bought this today. Since I was a kid, I was obsessed with cars as I'm sure most boys are! And I used to dream of one day owning a Lamborghini. I kept that dream alive as I do most of my outlandish goals and dreams. But I think that's the only way to live. To dream so big to the point where people think ur crazy. I am so eternally grateful to be able to say that I achieved some of the things I used to dream about as a little boy. (When i wasn't daydreaming about cake and doughnuts...*2Bellies*). So happy today!!!! Thankyou!!!!"

Good on ya, homie. 

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[via Jay Sean's Facebook via Celebrity Cars Blog]