Back in May 2012, we showed you the trailer for Doin' It In The Park by first-time directors Bobbito Garcia and Kevin Couliau. Since then, the film has won a handful of awards and critical acclaim, including the Audience Award for Best Feature at the 2012 Urbanworld Film Festival in September. Now, Kool Bob Love wants to take his documentary to the masses with an independent commercial release for spring 2013 and this is where you come in. 

In an effort to make that happen, Bobbito is asking folks to contribute by helping pay for such things as remaining music license fees, artwork/poster, getting the necessary funds to "create/market/promote/advertise on our own theatre bookings," and covering production costs for DVD/Blu-Ray mastering and manufacturing

Whether you give $5 or $5,000, as Bobbito puts it, "every little bit counts." Plus, it doesn't hurt when you can get some cool rewards and/or recognition in return. So, make sure you hit the link to help Bob out!

For additional information, check out the Facebook link below:

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[via Bobbito Garcia]