We may still be celebrating the infancy of the Cadillac ATS and the birth of the new plug-in hybrid ELR, but Cadillac has already announced that many new models are in the works. By 2016, the company plans to have a line up of ten separate models. Right now, Cadillac sells the ATS, CTS, XTS, SRX, and Escalade, while the previously mentioned ELR is coming shortly. That means that in the next three years, GM's luxury brand is set to come up with four new models. 

Expect a new, "more refined" SUV to take on the BMW X5, a car that's smaller than the ATS that will go up against the Mercedes CLA, and a massive, Mercedes S-Class competitor, possibly called the LTS. We're hoping that the LTS is based on the Ciel concept (pictured) and that the fourth mystery car is a homage to Cadillac's fantastic V12 and V16 coupes of yore.

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[via Left Lane News]