Guess who's back? After spending the first two months of 2012-13 NBA season stuck on the bench with a left knee injury, Amare Stoudemire will finally make his return to the Knicks lineup tonight when the team takes on the Trail Blazers. He'll come off the bench for the Knicks, and they'll keep a close eye on him to see how his knee responds to his first action of the season.

"We need him," Carmelo Anthony told Yahoo! Sports last Friday night. "I know we are playing well, but the more bodies, the better, especially at this point where guys are doing well…We are ready for him."

Are Knicks fans ready for him, though? Or, will they get on him the first time he misses two shots in a row? Your Twitter timeline should be able to answer those questions tonight. Make sure you're tuned in.

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[via Yahoo! Sports]