With the news that Mac MIller has his own MTV2 show, and seeing as we just gave him a brand new custom Fisker Karma, we began thinking about past MTVers that have been given cars at young ages. That's when memories of "My Super Sweet 16" started seeping back in. Mostly memories of how much we hated the kids on that show. 

In all fairness, it's not these kids' faults that they were born into these situations. Their parents have loads and loads of money and choose to give their kids everything. Then they wonder why the kids act like spoiled little bitches. We decided to re-enter the sparkly screens for a minute to find some of the crazy luxurious and expensive cars that these kids were given. They include $100,000 Benzes, Escalade EXTs, and Lexus convertibles. Take a stroll with, as we poke fun at the kids and the cars that they absolutely had to have. 

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[via MTV]