Are you eating lunch right now? If so, go ahead and click the "Back" button. Trust us: You don't want to read this. If you're not eating lunch, you probably don't want to read this, either. But, go ahead and read it anyway.

Three months ago, a woman named Maggie Wagner (peep her Twitter page here) decided that she wanted to protest the NHL lockout. So, she did what any female in her position would do—she decided to stop shaving her legs until the lockout came to an end. Now, more than 100 days after she started her protest, the lockout is still going on. And, Maggie's legs are starting to get really, really hairy. So hairy that her family is starting to get grossed out.

"Reaction from basically everyone is disgust, humor, and support," she said during an interview recently. "Everyone at school asks to see my legs and they want to take pictures. My family asks me everyday if I am going to shave it now. But I made a promise, and I'm not shaving it until a deal is done and the lockout ends."

Not thoroughly grossed out yet? Well, then her next plan of action should do the trick.

"I will consider shaving the thickest part of my leg hair and sending it to [NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and NHLPA executive director Donald Fehr] in the event of a cancelled season," she said. "I'd have to get their address, though."

Ewwwwwww! Guys, you better do everything you can to make this season happen. If not for the integrity of the NHL, then for us. We can't take much more of this!

Peep the thumbs gallery to see some shots of Maggie and her hairy legs. But, again: DON'T do it if you're eating lunch. And, don't say we didn't warn you...

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[via Puck Daddy]