Team(s): N/A
Sport: Boxing
Years Played: 1929-1938

Accolades: Triple Division Champion (Lightweight, Light Welterweight, and Welterweight), 74-4-3 (22 wins by KO)

Badass Justification: Barney Ross' roots hail from NYC and Chi-town—no wonder this dude was a badass brawler. Ross' original plan was to be a Talmudic scholar. That all changed when his father was murdered while trying to defend his small store in Chicago. Ross turned on the faith after that, he started running around with gang-bangers, including the notorious Al Capone. Eventually Ross found boxing, and used his prize winnings to support his family. Despite turning his back on his religion, he carried the Jewish race on his back. Ross was particularly vocal during Hitler's rise to power in Europe. He went on to achieve a boxing rarity, becoming a triple division champion with titles in the lightweight, light welterweight, and welterweight divisions. Holding a record of 74-4-3, Ross was never knocked out. We're guessing the Bear Jew had nothing on this dude.