Sometimes we rag on cars like the Porsche Panamera and the BMW X6 for how awkward they look, but it takes the aftermarket to realize the true potential for ugliness in cars. No tuner is better at doing so than Mansory. The design philosophy at Mansory goes something like this: "WIDEBODYneonmoremoreMOREHotwheelsCarbonfiberpointybitzBATHSALTS." Seriously, who buys these things? It must be Floridians who wear neon-green dyed floor-length mink coats in 90-degree weather, while chugging Red Bulls that have been spiked with Bacardi 151 and screaming about the end times. We can't think of any other demographic that would be into this.

Anyway, view this at your own risk: The 15 ugliest Mansory-tuned cars.

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