Today is "Black Monday." It's the day that routinely features a handful of NFL owners throwing their hands up in the air, saying "My team SUCKS," and then responding by firing their head coaches. Some of the coaches deserve it; others not so much. But, the truth is that in the what-have-you-done-for-me-lately? world of the NFL, great decent replacement head coaches are seemingly a dime a dozen. So, "Black Monday" lives on.

This "Black Monday" is no different. Already, we've seen seven head coaches handed their walking papers, including a few who definitely didn't deserve their pink slips (um, Lovie Smith?!?). So, in an effort to sort out all of the confusion, we've put together a list of all the NFL coaches that have been laid off as of this afternoon. It sucks to be these guys right now.

*Lovie Smith, fired by the Chicago Bears after nine seasons (and a 10-6 finish this year)

*Romeo Crennel, fired by the Kansas City Chiefs after two seasons

*Chan Gailey, fired by the Buffalo Bills after three seasons

*Andy Reid, fired by the Philadelphia Eagles after 14 seasons

*Pat Shurmur, fired by the Cleveland Browns after two seasons

*Norv Turner, fired by the San Diego Chargers after seven seasons

*Ken Whisenhunt, fired by the Arizona Cardinals after six seasons

So, who's next?

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[via FOX Sports]

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