"Once I sat next to a man on a transatlantic flight who watched Blue Crush three times, then fell asleep with a Maxim opened provocatively in his lap. Sadly, he began talking to me toward the end of the flight, and it turned out that A) he was exactly the type of bro you'd expect based on the events described above, and B) he and I both needed to get from JFK to Laguardia for connecting fights.

"Long story short, I found myself sharing a gypsy cab with this dude between the two airports. The traffic was really bad, and he started getting wild antsy, complaining out loud about how 'fucked up this is.' Eventually, he started tearing pieces of paper out of a notebook and handing notes back to me from the front seat. 'I think this guy is giving us the runaround.' 'He's trying to fuck us over.' They got progressively more violent, to the point that he suggested we 'kick his ass.'

"As I was reading them, he was giving me insane eyes via the rearview mirror, while I responded with the international sign for, 'Nah bro, chill!' Anyway, the driver was not giving us the runaround, he was simply stuck in traffic like every other car, and we eventually reached our destination without any punches thrown."