Accomplishments (1989-1990 - 1998-1999): 8x All-Star, 5x All-NBA, 1x All-Defense
Team(s): Knicks
Stats (1989-1990 - 1998-1999): 24.1 PPG 11.0 RPG 2.2 APG 0.9 SPG 2.7 BPG
'90s Highlights

Patrick is like most players on this list. He had the misfortune to play in the Jordan era. Ewing was a warrior that played injured for most of his career. Pat was an anchor in the middle and carried the Knicks on his bad knees. They were always in the mix, but ran into Chicago and lost in heart breaking fashion every time. Pat was an old school center. He was good offensively, especially from 15-18 feet out—the corner jumper was always water—but he championed himself on the defensive end. The Knicks never brought in another star, instead opting to surround the Madison Square Guardian with other defensive-minded players; often getting into brawls with the opposing team. Ewing was also a part of the Dream Team and is in the Hall of Fame.