One of the oldest stereotypes in sports is that white guys can’t jump or play basketball as well as blacks. This myth has been debunked as a bevy of Caucasian NBA players have gone onto greatness. But though there have been tons of amazing white players there have also been a number of annoying ones over the years. In fact, some of the great ones were pretty annoying, too.

You know, the type that believe flailing elbows are an essential part of their defensive repertoires. Or the young’ns who had no business being in the league if it weren’t for their Hall of Fame fathers. Then there’s the freakish 7-footers like Shawn Bradley and Greg Ostertag that couldn’t play D or grab boards. Lastly, there’s the guys who rock terrible tattoos (yes, the Brad Millers) and even worse haircuts (cornrows, really fam?). Check out every one of those types and more with the 20 Most Annoying White Players in NBA History...

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