Investing in British industry. Creating masterpieces.

A. Kahn Design is about making bold statements. The firm, based in Bradford, England, is dedicated to the production of luxury bespoke vehicles and rebuilding monotonous mass produced cars as individually tailored rides. The company was founded by Afzal Kahn, who became interested in car design after learning about plastic moulding from, wait for it, a factory making plastic coffins. Kahn was just 16 when he got his start, owning a modest business selling alloy wheels. 20 years later, he's world renowned for custom car styliing.

Given the location, it is not surprising that A. Kahn specializes in Range Rovers. However, the game doesn't end there—brilliant supercars, American icons, and German sports sedans flow from the shop as well. We connected with A. Khan to round up their 10 best custom builds prepared in the last year. Feast your eyes.

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