The biggest troll in sports history strikes again!

In recent months, Skip Bayless has refrained from taking as many shots at LeBron James as he has in the past. Maybe it's because Bron-Bron finally has a ring, or maybe it's because the ESPN talking head has been too preoccupied defending Tim Tebow to the death. Either way, it sounds like Skip is back to his old ways, as he just released a new column on that features him once again throwing rocks at LeBron's throne. And, this time around he's going to even greater lengths to try and disprove the legacy that LeBron is putting together down in Miami.

You can read the entire column over here. But, by far, the most ridiculous statement Skip makes is the one in which he reverts back to making the tired "Lebron isn't Michael Jordan!" argument.

"I'm still not ready to put LeBron James in the same solar system with Michael Jordan," he writes. "In fact, what LeBron finally pulled off after nine long NBA seasons is being laughably overrated. It now feels as if King James won seven championships one night this past June—one more than Jordan."

*facepalm* C'mon, man. SMH.

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[via ESPN]