Everybody seems to have an opinion about the Mike Brown firing. LeBron was quoted as saying that Mike Brown didn't get a "fair shake" and former Laker Lamar Odom told reporters, "What's the most important tool in America? It's power," after he was asked if he felt Kobe had a hand in the firing. Now you can add Mark Cuban to the list. When talking to a couple reporters during Dallas' Friday night loss to the Knicks at Madison Square Garden, Cuban said of Brown's firing:

"That is a quick trigger. But, hey, it's the same thought I have all the time. I hope they have to do it again this season. A couple times. Five times, maybe."

The Dallas owner also said he wouldn't make a major decision like that after just five games while adding:

"I just hope it was a huge mistake and they continue to make them."

Prior to the start of the season, Cuban said of the newly formed Lake Show, "I hope they suck," when asked if LA's offseason moves made sense. So it's no surprise that he hopes they continue to fail. Cuban talks a lot of smack for a guy that's only won one championship, but hey, if you're a billionaire that owns a professional team you can pretty much say whatever the hell you want.

We wonder what he's going to say when the Lakers bring Action Jackson back.

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[via ESPNDallas]