You know how sometimes two celebrities get married and people say "it's never going to last"? Well, call us crazy, but we think that saying applies to Hope Solo and Jerramy Stevens right now.

On Monday night, Solo and Stevens reportedly got into a big, confusing domestic dispute that ended with Stevens—a former NFL tight end for the Seahawks and Buccaneers—getting arrested on a fourth-degree domestic violence charge. That presented a bit of a problem for the couple, because they had planned on getting married on Tuesday. So, common sense would tell you that a domestic violence incident—regardless of what happened—would at the very least delay the marriage. Common sense would also tell you that, because the domestic dispute reportedly occurred as the result of a fight over where the couple was going to live after getting married, they might consider putting the wedding off for a few days before they could come to an agreement.

Unfortunately, though, common sense didn't prevail here. According to some tweets sent out by one of Solo's U.S. soccer teammates as well as a tweet sent out by the host of a Seattle radio show, Solo and Stevens seem to have gone ahead with their idea to get married last night:

Um, okay? Far be it for us to judge someone else's relationship, but it doesn't sound like Solo and Stevens got their life together off to a great start. So, we really wouldn't count on this marriage lasting too long. Just a hunch.

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[via The Big Lead]