Ever since the Los Angeles Lakers landed Dwight Howard in a three-way trade involving the Orlando Magic and Philadelphia 76ers, everyone from the players in the league to Twitter have experienced its ripple effect. While everything has died down for the most part, a new report has surfaced that Deron Williams expressed some disappointment in Howard's decision to waive his leverage and not come to Brooklyn.

Somehow, this news got to Howard who had the following to say, according to Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News, about it:

“That’s my decision. It’s my life so if he’s upset because I made a decision for me, so be it. If he doesn’t want to be friends because I’m on another team, then so be it. There’s no need to smooth things over, you know?”   

That's right. Who needs friends when you have Kobe Bryant (and his helicopter!) in your corner? 

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]

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