Earlier this week, Tracy McGrady was feeling a little bit under the weather. So, while he started a game for the Qingdao DoubleStar Eagles, he only stayed in the contest for about two minutes (98 seconds to be exact) before leaving and spending the rest of the game on the bench. And, all of the fans who paid good money to see T-Mac play flipped out. They threw water bottles. They threw lighters. And, they threw…well, let's just say that if there was something that could be thrown onto the court, that's where it ended up. It actually got so bad that McGrady had to get on the microphone to ask the fans to stop (peep him speaking in the clip above) and then spend a few minutes throwing souvenirs into the crowd to get them to calm down.

Oh, and the best part? This was during a preseason game! So, yeah. It sounds like the oft-injured T-Mac is in for a long year over in China. Hope he's ready.

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[via Off The Bench]