Growing up as a kid, Cam Newton idolized Michael Vick and his unique style of play. When the two guys met in 2010, Vick told Cam to "play your game and let the game come to you.” Last year, the Panthers quarterback took the league by storm with his mix of passing prowess and exceptional running ability. However, this season, the 23-year-old has met some adversity and harsh criticism for his team's 2-8 record. 

Prior to tonight's game against the Philadelphia Eagles, The Charlotte Observer published a story where Newton had the following to say about the quarterback skill set that both Vick and himself possess: 

“The skill set that I have and the skill set that he has is kind of rare, especially in this league, but it’s your gift and your curse,” Newton said. “Sometimes it can get you out of a lot of trouble. Sometimes it can put you in trouble if you lean on it too much.”

Where was Uncle Ben from "Spider-Man" to warn Cam that "with great power, comes great responsibility"?    

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[via Larry Brown Sports]