Both the remarkable circumstances that preceded Cam Newton's rise to fame and his childlike persona have made him one of the more polarizing athletes to enter the NFL over the last few years. Most people feel like he'll be a solid player for the Panthers in the years to come, but when asked about what type of person they think he is, the answers vary. 

We all know the ridiculous ability and will to win, but he's had his fair share of jackass moments since becoming a player of note. Cam had the slip up at Florida, the celebration when he was getting trounced, and has been attacked for the consistent sulking on sidelines when losing. In that same breath though, he's given us the incredible Madden rant, dismantled every hater in his rookie campaign, and even had LeBron and D-Wade doing his pose. Is he a Jackass, or is he a Badass? Peep his resume and judge for yourself.

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