We've heard of a lot of athletes getting busted for DUI in the past. But, we can't say that we've ever heard of one getting busted quite like this before.

Late last month, Detroit Red Wings prospect Riley Sheahan was pulled over in Grand Rapids, Mich. and busted for driving with a blood alcohol content of .30—or roughly four times the legal BAC in Michigan. But, wait, it gets worse. Sheahan's BAC level was also about twice that of the "super drunk" level that is in place in Michigan, meaning he could face up to 180 days in jail for his crime. But, wait, it gets worse. When Sheahan got pulled over, the 20-year-old reportedly tried to use the ID of another Wings prospect Brendan Smith during the stop and was charged with providing false information to police. But, wait, if you can believe, it gets even worse. Way worse. All of this took place while Sheahan was dressed in—you ready for it?—a purple Teletubby costume for Halloween.

Sigh. Fortunately, police let him take the costume off for his mugshot. But, yo: This has to be the most embarrassing athlete DUI of all time, right? This is a fail on so many levels. And, if this doesn't get athletes to stop driving drunk, then we really don't know what will.

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[via MLive]