Say hello to Big Bella. She weighs 600 pounds. She can fire 100 T-shirts in under a minute. And, unlike many of her predecessors, you don't have to be sitting in the first 25 rows to catch a T-shirt from her. She can shoot 'em directly into the nosebleed seats (where the real fans sit!) with deadly accuracy. Oh, and she also looks really fucking cool, which, you know, is a pretty important trait when it comes to T-shirt cannons.

If you attend a Philadelphia 76ers game at the Wells Fargo Center in Philly this season, you'll get an up-close-and-personal look at Bella. She made her debut during Philly's win against the Denver Nuggets last night, and all indications are that she was a total success. And, that really doesn't come as a surprise, does it? Just look at her!

Seriously, if this cannon was around back in '07, we're pretty sure police would have found it somewhere in T.I.'s house. It's that badass. So, kudos to the Sixers for coming up with her. Big Bella is awesome.

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[via Ball Don't Lie]