The goal is soccer is to score, well, goals. There's a lot more to it than that. But, if we had to sum the sport up in a sentence, that would be it.

All goals are not created equal, though. And, Shakhtar Donetsk striker Luiz Adriano found that out the hard way recently during a Champions League match against Nordsjaelland when he scored this unsportsmanlike goal. After a Nordsjaelland player was injured at midfield, one of Adriano's teammates passed the ball to the Nordsjaelland goalie, which is proper etiquette in the world of soccer. But, Adriano said, "EFF THAT," intercepted the pass to the goalie, and put it in the back of the net, which prompted the Nordsjaelland players to yell a lot of not-so-nice things at him.

Now, technically, he didn't do anything illegal, so the referees had to count the goal. But, recently, UEFA ruled that the play was a "violation of the principles of conduct" and suspended Adriano for Shakhtar's next game on December 5. We hope that goal was worth it, dude—but, we bet it wasn't.

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[via Business Insider]