Bad news, Bikini Basketball Association fans! One of the BBA's teams, the Chicago Desire, has already been shut down amidst allegations of sexual misconduct that took place between the majority owner and general manager of the team Donovan Price and one of the team's players. With just five weeks left before the league's inaugural season tips off, any and all mentions of the Desire have been stripped from the league's website. And, while Eddy Curry's ex-wife Korie Kellogg is reportedly interested in starting up her own Chicago-based team, the investors in the Chicago franchise put out a letter recently (read it in the thumbnails) claiming that they want nothing to do with her.

Does this mean that the Bikini Basketball Association is already getting off to a bad start? Why, yes, it does. But, for the sake of all the league's loyal fans out there (see: Any guy with a working set of eyes), we hope it's just a bump in the road. In the meantime, click through the thumbs to see photos of a few of the lovely young ladies who will be participating in the league at the top of 2013. Who else is excited for this league to get started?

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[via Black Sports Online]

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