So, maybe your weekend wasn't all that it was cracked up to be. Maybe you're still kind of pissed that you don't have Columbus Day off. Well, the video above will bring as much positivity to your life as following Lil B on Twitter ever could and it'll remind you that there's more important things than days off. During Saturday night's South Carolina vs. Georgia game, the Faile family was surprised with a jumbotron message from Scott Faile, a sergeant first class stationed in South Korea after previously serving in Afghanistan. If the video message wasn't enough, Faile took it one step further by walking out onto the field. The reaction of his wife, son, and daughter speaks for itself.

Oh yeah, on top of all that, Faile reportedly predicted South Carolina's 35-7 rout of Georgia. Sgt. Faile, if you have a feeling about any Lotto numbers, you know where to find us.

[via YouTube]