Who is going to win the NBA's Western Conference this year? Either the Thunder or the Lakers, right? Um, right?

Most people would say, "Yes." But, recently, the annual Basketball Prospectus gave the Nuggets the best chance—statistically, at least—to win the West. And, last night, Reggie Miller was asked his opinion on their prediction. Naturally, he didn't agree with it, and he took a bunch of shots at them for even suggesting that the Nuggets could topple the Thunder or Lakers this year.

"Lab geek rats that are somewhere with their pocket squares on their little laptop computer, punching numbers," he said on TNT last night during a Clippers/Nuggets preseason game. "Those things don't play basketball games for you! Humans play basketball for you! Those geeks, I'm telling you, never played a game in their life!"

Wait a second. Humans play basketball? Reggie, you're a genius! Thank you, sir. Thank you very much for that amazing insight.

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[via The Big Lead]