There are already a lot of ways you can customize your car, from the absolutely terrible fake vents with sticker backing, to spending thousands on aftermarket engine tuning, but the instrument cluster has been virtually free of accessories for a long time. ID4Motion has set out to change that, however. Seeing as the information going in to the instrument panels of cars is all digital now, even if the display is not, it was easy for the company to create a panel that can be installed in a number of different cars.

The hardware to get the 1280x800 resolution screen if different depending on the car it is to be affixed to, but ti will allow users to not only choose from a number of different skins, but even create new ones. In addition to the usual information (speedometer, tachometer, engine temperature, etc.) the ID4Motion screen also features a G force meter, which we appreciate.

Dutch supercar manufacturer has signed an agreement to use the ID4Motion screen as the company's gauge cluster.

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[via ID4Motion]