Over the weekend, we told you about how Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen have been trading shots through the media. KG told reporters that he doesn't have Allen's phone number anymore and that he doesn't plan on talking to him anytime soon. Allen responded by saying that it was a "shame" that KG won't get the chance to call him. And now, Dwyane Wade has gotten involved by revealing that he's glad that KG and Allen won't be talking during the 2012-13 NBA season.

"[Garnett] doesn't need to be talking to our team anyway, so it's all good," he said yesterday. "[Allen] doesn't look too bad in a Heat uniform. At first, it was weird. But now, I'm getting used to it."

We've still got about a month to go before Boston and Miami play their first game of the year against one another on October 30. But, this rivalry is already heating up. We can't wait to see what happens when all of these guys get onto the court together.

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]