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Every night, we go to bed and hope (pray!) that we've heard the words "Gangnam Style" for the last time. And then, we wake up the next morning and, what do you know, it's back again! Seriously. It…just…won't…die.

The latest celebrity to cash in on the craze is Dwight Howard, who recently credited the "Gangnam Style" dance with helping him to heal his back.

"Gangnam style has helped me strengthen my core and lower back," he revealed. "I've got a great PT program, but this dance has taken me to the next level…The only way to go is Gangnam Style."

Uh…okay? Sounds like a weird "Gangnam Style" infomercial, Dwight. But, whatever. Thankfully, his teammate Kobe Bryant did not cosign Howard's sentiments when he was asked why he didn't join Howard recently when he did the "Gangnam Style" dance during a recent preseason game.

"I don't ride horseys," he replied.

Ha! Okay, okay, so it was worth reading one more "Gangnam Style" story just to get that Kobe quote. Now, can we please just let it die? Like, now?

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[via Lakers Nation]