"Superman" is dead.

That's the message that Dwight Howard had for reporters last night when asked about the infamous nickname that he shares with Shaquille O'Neal. Looking to shed the comparisons to Shaq once and for all (in case you haven't been following it, Howard and O'Neal have been beefing again through the media over the last few days), Howard says he has been thinking about changing his nickname for awhile now—and that he thinks he has found a suitable replacement. That replacement nickname? "Iron Man."

Of course, he's going to have trouble getting Lakers fans to ride for that one. Former Lakers star A.C. Green was nicknamed Iron Man during his playing days because he played in an NBA record 1,192 straight games. So, it's back to the drawing board for Dwight.

What do you think Howard should be called from now on? Let's keep the suggestions clean.

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[via Larry Brown Sports]