Most college basketball players don't exactly take the hardest courses when they're in school. Sure, some push themselves in the classroom as hard as they do out on the court or field. But, a lot of them do just enough to get by so that they qualify to participate in their respective sport. 

Big-time basketball schools like the University of North Carolina are apparently no exception. Just a few months after the school launched an internal investigation into a number of football and basketball players enrolled in African and Afro-American Studies courses in search of academic fraud, a new report has surfaced indicating that the school may have steered members of the basketball team to a Naval Weapons Systems course in 2007 that featured no tests and no research papers. Of the 38 students enrolled in the class, 30 were athletes and six were basketball players. And, the guy who steered most of the players to the class was a guy named Wayne Walden, who was the school's Associate Director of the Academic Support Program and an integral part of the UNC basketball program.

Surprised? We aren't. We're sure this stuff goes on all the time. But, there's a good chance that this latest report will be a big red flag for the NCAA. Stay tuned to see what they decide to do.

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[via Raleigh News & Observer]