Rajon Rondo thinks we're all making way too big a deal out of his reported "beef" with Ray Allen. Despite the fact that he threw a huge subliminal in Jesus Shuttlesworth's direction on BET's 106 & Park recently, the Celtics point guard thinks that we have turned the former teammates' troubles into more than it actually is.

"People act like because me and Ray didn't get along or they think me and Ray didn't get along that I'm a bad person or he's a bad person," Rondo explained recently. "No. It's just life. If you look at your job, everyone doesn't always get along with every co-worker they work with. It's just part of life. People are blowing that Ray thing out of proportion. We had some words, but other than that, it was no big deal."

Hmmm…Rondo does have a point. Unless you sit at home on your couch by yourself all day and blog about sports (guilty!), there's a pretty good chance that you probably don't get along with one or two of your co-workers. Then again, you also probably don't do something that requires a TV camera and a gang of reporters to track your every move during your work day. So, as much as we'd like to dismiss the Rondo/Allen beef, it was a "big deal" and, with Allen riding with the Heat now, it'll play a role in the outcome of the 2013 NBA Playoffs.

Sorry, Rondo. But, you're not getting off the hook that easy!

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[via Eye On Basketball]

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