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While explaining the precinct’s zero-tolerance policy regarding cyclist traffic infractions during the latest meeting of the Central Park Precinct community council, commanding officer Captain Jessica Corey presented the department’s “Bicycle Safety Tips” brochure. The pamphlet, full of misleading and out of context stats and charts, represents the NYPD's blundering attempt to tackle the issue of increased cyclist traffic in the city. The brochure and the department's general approach towards cyclists seems to ignore any actually relevant information, like the leading cause of deaths in cycling accidents, and the fact that serious injuries and deaths have, in fact, decreased over the last ten years. The NYPD seems to be focusing on clamping down on minor cyclist infractions just as the city is experiencing a boom in interest in the transportation alternative, a fact  which, needless to say, is a bummer for anyone who rides in New York City.

[via Gothamist and Streetsblog]