Maserati has announced that the company's upcoming SUV, which was known as the "Kubang" until now, will be called "Levante" when it hits the market. Given the painfully literal names of Maserati's other products, we were half expecting it to be called "esse-u-vi." We don't really like "Levante" either, as it sounds either like 1998 Hyundai family sedan or a scantily clad, female R&B singer, but at least it doesn't sound like an exploding engine.

While the idea of a Jeep based Maserati SUV is certainly offensive, it does have some merit. Given the Grand Cherokee's off-road capability, the Levante might actually be a real competitor to the Range Rover and Mercedes G-Wagen in both luxury and bad-assery. 

The roughly $85,000 sedan that is next in the pipe-line after the Levante is set to ressurrect the Ghibli name as well. Think of this one as an Italian shot at the BMW M5.

[via Autoblog]

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