Last year, the Philadelphia Eagles were given the nickname "Dream Team" and after a subpar season that ended in an 8-8 record, the team looked more like a nightmare. But what if they had Larry Fitzgerald on the roster? After nearly every NFL squad would benefit from having Fitz as their clear-cut #1 receiver. In an interview with on Friday, Fitzgerald discussed how in 2008, he was extremely close to becoming a member of the Eagles.


Four years ago, Fitzgerald's contract ($14.6 million in 2008; $17.3 million in 2009) was putting a strain on the Cardinals, so the team's front office was looking for ways to shed their prized wide receiver and along came the Eagles with a trade package of a first rounder and third-round pick. No one knows why the Cards didn't accept the deal, but Fitz eventually turned around and signed for four years, $40 million and a no-trade clause instead,  

If you listen close enough, you could probably hear the breaking of Eagles fans' hearts while they read this story.  

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