Five players have been kicked off the DeMatha Catholic High School football team for hiring three ladies of the night. The nationally ranked football program was fresh off a victory over Hillside (NC) last Saturday when a couple kids wanted to party. Supposedly, the football staff had wall-to-wall coverage of the hotel they were staying in, with bed checks at 1:30 a.m. and hallway monitoring at 4:30 a.m. But the boys still managed to sneak in the prostitutes around 5:00 a.m. and had, well you know, sex.

The thing is, not only were the kids minors, but DeMatha is an all-boys Catholic high school located in Hyattsville, MD and they take stuff like this very serious (as any high school should). As soon as school officials received the news they informed the Archdioceses of Washington, DC, Maryland and North Carolina—they don't fuck around. The boys hired the escorts from a North Carolina-based website and two have already withdrawn from school, two others are facing expulsion and the fifth has a disciplinary hearing coming up.

DeMatha Football ranks seventh in the country and the players involved aren't starters. Phew!

[via NBC Washington]