Kobe Bryant doesn't have much left in the tank. In fact, if you believe everything he's said this summer, KB24 only has a couple years of basketball left in him before he hangs his Nikes up for good. So, it's time to start asking the question: Does Kobe Bryant deserve to be called the Player of the Century?

Our good friends over at Dime have gone ahead and said—drumroll, please—"YES!" He's on the cover of their latest issue that features the headline, "PLAYER OF THE CENTURY," right underneath his name. But, they also realize that you may disagree with that statement. So, they're asking you to make your best argument over here. Make your case for where Kobe ranks all time and your name could land in the next issue of Dime.

But, before you do, click through the thumbnails here and check out a few of the guys who could be called the "Greatest of All Time" ahead of Kobe. And then, let Dime know who ya got. This should be interesting…

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[via Dime]