Getting a voice mail message in 2012 is sooooooo annoying, isn't it? You have to call your voice mail, punch in your code, wait for the computerized voice to stop talking, press "1," and all for what? Usually to hear someone say, "Hey, it's me, call me back." You couldn't have just texted that, fam?!?

But, if you think voice mail messages are annoying, just imagine how Roger Goodell feels right now. After last night's Packers/Seahawks fiasco, a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin named Jon Erpenbach was, understandably, pissed off. So, he took to his Twitter account to urge angry NFL fans to call Goodell at his office today to complain.

The result? Goodell had 70,000—yes, 70 thousand—voice mail messages when he got into work this morning. No wonder that crappy statement from the NFL about the game took so long to be released.

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[via NESN]