Hey, Usain Bolt: You just won an Olympic gold medal in the 100-meter race and set a new Olympic world record! What are you going to do next? Er, hang out with Swedish handball players?! Well, okay then! We guess that's better than Disney World, right?

Yep. And, that's exactly how Bolt celebrated, too. Late last night, he put the photo you see above up on Twitter. Apparently, the three Swedish handball players pictured wanted to make sure they met Bolt before leaving London. So, they made their way to his room, ate some McDonald's (no doubt the late-night snack of all Olympians!), and flashed the "W" for the camera before taking off.

"We said that we cannot fucking go home from here without having met Usain Bolt," one of the handball players said.

Mission accomplished! This is what the Olympics are all about, folks.

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[via Business Insider]