Date: October 22, 2000

During an interleague series in July, Roger Clemens dusted the ear hole of Mike Piazza with a heater. The beanball dropped Piazza to his back and gave the Mets catcher a concussion. When the two met again in the World Series, many wondered to what lengths Clemens would sink in order to scar a guy who had the nerve to hit a couple homers in Yankee Stadium. Thankfully, the Rocket didn't disappoint.

Clemens went high and inside with on a 1-2 count. The pitch shattered a swinging Piazza's bat, sending a large chunk of the barrel toward the pitchers mound. Apparently incensed by Piazza's waste of perfectly good lumber, Clemens grabbed the barrel and threw it towards the Mets catcher. As is tradition in baseball, the two walked towards one another cursing, the benches cleared, and, predictably, nobody fought. In baseball, "tough guys" throw pitches, not punches.

What makes this moment especially jackass is Clemens' explanation after the game. He claimed that he thought the bat was the ball. Huh? OK, Rocket, let's go with that. You thought it was the ball, picked up in fair territory and, as someone who has played baseball his whole life, decided to huck it at the batters box? Baseball's been peg free since, like, the 80s. We think. Stop lying, dude.