Would you get a tattoo from a tattoo artist without any tattoos? If so, chances are you'd probably end up on this list. Just like how there are plenty of women who take relationship advice from single people and end up alone. We're not ill with the ink needle and Complex Sports isn't really the place to go for relationship advice but we can tell you nearly everything you need to know for the upcoming college football season. Or we at least know someone who can.

The  2012 college football season gets underway today, and who better than to tell you everything you need to know than an expert? It has to be someone that has lived and breathed football. It's got to be someone that was born in SEC country. It should be ESPN's Travis Haney, who was born, raised, and educated in the best college football conference in the land, the South Eastern Conference. From who's most likely to win the BCS title game this year to which coaches may be looking for a new job in October, here is Travis Haney's Guide to the 2012 College Football Season.

Interview by Richard Boadu of 6Magazine (@6magazine)