They say that football is just a game. They would be right. At the end of the day, a head coach could lose his job or go through a tough time and the individual's family would still be there to support them. That is why the loss of a close family member pales in comparison to anything having to do with athletics. In some truly heartbreaking news, Eagles coach Andy Reid's son, Garrett, was found dead today at the team's training camp in Lehigh University.

At 7:20 A.M., a 911 call was made but Garrett was declared dead by the time of the police's arrival. As the oldest son in the Reid family, the 29-year-old turned a troubled past into a positive note when he started assisting the Eagles' strength coaches during camp. When the media reached out to the team's general manager Howie Roseman for a comment, he said, "We've been with Andy for a long time. He's always been strong for us; we're going to be strong for him right now." Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Reid family.   

[via The Big Lead]