So you're 26 years old and have just signed a 5-year, $37.5 million contract to play football. What's a good way to blow a bunch of it and seriously undermine your ability to get another contract like that again? Have a few drinks at a friend's house, hop in your car, and plow into another motorist, injuring them.

If that sounds dumb to you, you're probably not Eric Wright. The NFL cornerback (not the MC) who played last year with the Lions and signed the aforementioned contract with Tampa Bay in March, was charged with felony DUI this morning after, well, having a few drinks at a friend's house, hopping in his car, and plowing into another motorist, who was injured. The injury makes Wright's DUI a felony, and brings with it a $100,000 bond. Fun stuff!

[via LA Times]

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